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[How to use DAIZUbase]
The latest update on DAIZUbase (ver.1.2) is now available. [Modification history]

DAIZUbase is an integrated soybean genome database and data mining tool, consists of 2 map browsers, a gene viewer, and BLAST search system. more...
  • GBrowse : A genome annotation viewer based on the GBrowse developed by GMOD.
  • UnifiedMap : A physical marker-oriented genome viewer, containing markers, BAC-ends, and BAC-contigs.
  • GeneViewer : A gene information viewer based on the GAAS-system.
  • BLAST : A sequence homology search system by BLAST.

DAIZUbase provides three data mining approaches.

  1. Narrowing the range of a scaffold (chromosome) by GBrowse or UnifiedMap
  2. Keyword search
  3. Sequence homology search by BLAST

Keyword Search